A Selection of Our Bestselling Patio Heaters of 2022

A Selection of Our Bestselling Patio Heaters of 2022

Posted by Alfresco Heating on Jan 5th 2023

As the new year begins, we highlight some of our most popular gas and electric patio heaters of 2022. From quality materials to their ability to heat an outdoor space efficiently, we focus on the features our customers like the most about them.

SunStar SGL35-N7 Overhead Gas Patio Heater

Made in North Carolina, USA, these patio heaters are constructed of steel with a black powder coating, and are rain and wind resistant (up to 40mph). High-temperature tainted ceramic glass technology provides aesthetic appeal and adds to protection on windy days. Select either natural gas or propane gas options. Similar SunStar models are also available in marine grade stainless steel and / or with remote controls.

SunPak S34B-TSH, Black Two-Stage Hard-Wired Permanent Gas Patio Heater

These 34,000 BTU patio heaters can be either wall mounted or ceiling mounted with the included mounting kits. Since they are hard wired, there are no remotes to misplace and no remote signals to cross, which makes it ideal for multi-heater applications. They also come with control transformers. Manufactured in California, USA.

Ceiling Recessed Infratech WD6024, 61" Stainless 6000 Watt Patio Heater with Infratech Flush Mount Kit 18-2305

Recessing these 6000 watt Infratech electric patio heaters are very popular in high-end homes. The flush kit comes in several powder coat color options, as well as bare stainless steel.

Infratech CD6024 (21-4300) 61" Stainless 6000 Watt Patio Heater

These 6000-watt patio heaters feature floating mounts with inset mounting brackets for a sleek look and optimal heat when mounted from eight to ten feet. You can also add a motif upgrade kit for a designer look.

Infratech CD6024BL Motif 61" Black 6000 Watt Patio Heater

These designer, dual-element, 6000 watt, overhead electric patio heaters require a 30 amp (at 240 volt) circuit. They feature floating mounts with inset mounting brackets with optimal heat when mounted above 8 feet. Choose between four Motif styles (Contemporary, Craftsman, Mediterranean, or Traditional), with add-on controls, timers, brackets, or pole mounts available.

Patio Comfort PC02AB Bronze Portable Propane Patio Heater

These are good residential-grade outdoor heaters, a couple of steps better in quality than the common inexpensive, “disposable,” patio heaters; and many restaurants heat their patios with these outdoor heaters. You have the option to add protective covers. These ship free from California when you order two or more. We back up this medium-duty portable patio heater with parts and servicing in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Paragon OH-M842 Elevate Tower Flame Heater

These rust-resistant glass flame heaters are built to last. Their double-baked powder coating on 304 stainless steel ensures they can withstand outdoor climates. They have a heat capacity of 42,000 BTUs and come in black, bronze, and stainless steel finishes. Their quartz glass column is shatterproof and displays an adjustable flame. They have battery spark ignition and an integrated safety-tilt switch. A commercial grade wheel kit is included. Receive free shipping when you buy two or more.

SunGlo A270SS Stainless Steel Patio Heater

These portable propane patio heaters are constructed of 304 stainless steel, and have DSI ignition. They’re made in America by Infrared Dynamics and are wind resistant, heavy and have top-quality components. These are the portable patio heaters to buy when you need them to last for many years. They ship free when you buy two or more units.

Black BistroSchwank MO-2152 Two-Stage Patio Heater

This is our most powerful permanent patio heater. Constructed of Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel with black powder coat - it’s also available with a stainless finish - these overhead gas patio heaters are 50,000 BTUs on high and 36,500 BTUs low. Two-stage control switches are available. We suggest mounting them above 9 feet.

Calcana Gas Outdoor Heater Stainless High Output 5'

No open flames or glowing red parts with these patio heaters. They provide high variable heat output control (patent pending) and have a low clearance-to-combustibles requirement. Made of stainless steel, they have an electronic ignition with 100% safety shutoff. We suggest mounting them at seven to eight feet from the patio to the bottom of the patio heaters. They ship free when you order two or more.

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