SunGlo A244V Switchable Overhead Gas Heater

34 reflector diameter, 49 lbs. , 50,000 BTU"
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SunGlo A244V "Mushroom"-Type Hanging Gas Patio Heater, 24 Volt Operation

This SunGlo A244V hanging overhead heater patio heater is made in America by Infrared Dynamics. It works well when it is centrally located, as it heats in all directions. It is fantastic for large areas, and an excellent choice for over a round table. This 24 volt heater comes with a transformer and can be controlled by a switch at a remote location

The A244V standing-pilot ignition heater's main burner will light when the (remote) switch is turned on, if you leave the pilot lit and the manual control on the heater in the "on" position.

In order for the bottom of the heater to be 6'8", the height of a standard door opening, your ceiling height will need to be at least 10'3" to stay outside safe flammable tolerances. In some cases, if mounting over a table, it may be safe to mount the heater as much as a foot lower.

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