Phone and Onsite Patio Heating Consultations

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You have an outdoor space you want heated. Perhaps it is a dining table on a covered porch, a sidewalk seating area in front of a restaurant, an open and uncovered yard space, a pergola, a lounging area, a bar, or even a waiting area for people to get into a popular restaurant.

We have advised restaurateurs, contractors, architects, and consumers about heating patios in all of those conditions and more. We know what you can do, what heats most effectively, and how different configurations affect the aesthetics of your outdoor entertainment area.

When you have a FREE phone consultation with Alfresco Heating (888-927-6456) we will first ask a few questions about the outdoor area to be heated and how you, or your client, want to use it.

What we'll need:

  • 30 Minutes - Budget 30 minutes for a phone call. 
  • Measurements - It is very helpful if you give us accurate measurements in three dimensions (Length, width and height). Because clearance for combustible equipment is so important, please remember to measure from the ground/floor to the point ANYTHING is in the way (roof, awning, pergola, etc.). We are also interested in the area to be heated beyond just the measurements: how many walls, is there a view you would like to protect, is it a seating area or a table, etc.?
  • Budget - An estimated budget number is also helpful, as there may be a number of solutions, some better than others. We will make some suggestions and give you a rough idea of what it will cost.

If you are in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country, and the initial cost estimates are in your range, it will be very worthwhile for you to invest in an onsite consult with us. At your location our specialists can see the nuances that will help us create a wonderful warm outdoor heater installation for you.

Our onsite consultation fee is $150, which you may apply to any Alfresco Heating purchase $1500 or greater.


We also offer FREE consultative sales of patio heaters by phone and email, with the help of drawings, plans, and photographs. Many customers around the country have benefited greatly from those services.

Contact us by email at or by phone at 888-927-6456 to get advice from a patio heating master.