Gas Hoses, Quick Disconnects, and Valves

Gas Hoses, Quick Disconnects, Valves, Etc.

While it's easy to find yellow gas connectors at your local hardware store, it can be hard to find stainless steel gas hoses and black appliance connectors, to match your stainless steel and black patio heaters. We stock these so that you can have a clean-looking gas-patio-heater installation. We also offer standard gas cocks, yellow teflon tape for gas, and bubble leak detector, to help insure a safe and leak-free installation. 

Tip: Don't use teflon tape or pipe dope on threaded flare fittings, as doing so can cause the surfaces not to mate and seal properly. Do use three to four wraps of teflon tape or pipe dope on threaded pipe fittings.

You can also get long gas hoses for portable natural gas (and propane) patio heaters and BBQ grills here. These are good quality, from an American company, MB Sturgis. Quick connect gas hose couplers and valves are available too.

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