Brands of Patio Heaters

Shop our huge selection of outdoor heaters by brand. We carry (alphabetically) AEI, American Fyre Designs, Bromic, Calcana, Infrared Dynamics, Infratech, Patio Comfort, Schwank, SunGlo, SunPak, SunStar, Twin Eagles and Victory Lighting brands of outdoor patio heaters. We install every outdoor heater that we sell, and so we are sure it meets our standards of performance and durability for patio heating in its price range. Read below about the companies specializing in patio heat whom we represent.

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AEI Patio HeatersAEI distributes SunGloSunPak, and Infratech patio heaters and imports Patio Comfort outdoor heaters. They are one of the largest patio heater distributors in the US and have been in business since 1966.


BromicAustralian company Bromic manufactures innovative and well-made outdoor heaters include a directional portable patio heater, wall or post-mount gas patio heaters that can be swiveled, and electric infrared patio heaters.

Calcana Patio HeatersCalcana patio heaters are well made outdoor tube heaters, available in lengths of five to twenty feet.


Infrared Dynamics Patio HeatersInfrared Dynamics, the original patio-heater manufacturer, constructs the ever-popular SunGlo and SunPak gas patio heaters in Yorba Linda, California, USA.

Infratech Electric Patio HeatersInfratech electric patio heaters are low-maintenance overhead outdoor heaters. Adjustable heat output is possible with Infratech controls. Low clearance requirements are one advantage of Infratech heaters. Manufactured in Gardena, California, USA.


Patio Comfort Patio Heaters

Patio Comfort medium-duty portable patio heaters are imported from China by AEI. This is the only economy brand of outdoor heaters that Alfresco Heating backs up with parts and service. Patio Comfort outdoor patio heaters include portable propane, portable natural gas, and permanent natural gas models, at much lower prices than the other lines we carry.

Schwank Patio HeaterspatioSchwank products include high-power, low-clearance, and marine-grade stainless steel overhead patio heaters, with most products made in the USA and Canada. 


SunGlo Patio HeatersSunGlo is the original patio heater. Choose from portable natural gas, upright natural gas, hanging natural gas, and portable propane outdoor heaters. SunGlo outdoor patio heaters are made in America by Infrared Dynamics.

SunPak Patio Heaters

SunPak overhead gas patio heaters have electronic ignition. Whether you need wall-mounted patio heaters or ceiling-mounted rectangular patio heaters, SunPak makes a heater for you. SunPak products are made in America by Infrared Dynamics.


SunStar Patio Heaters logoSunStar makes infrared gas heaters of innovative designs and as well as medium-duty portable propane heaters, shipping from North Carolina. Service parts and support available.

Twin Eagles Patio HeatersTwin Eagles makes a remote-control, twin-stage, gas overhead outdoor patio heater in Cerritos, California, USA. Twin Eagles also manufactures two electric outside heaters.


Victory Lighting Patio Heaters

Victory Lighting infrared shortwave patio heaters combine robust construction with a sleek, simple design. A long lamp life, low running costs and minimal energy wastage, make them a cost-effective heating solution.

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