Calcana gas patio heaters

  • Calcana tube heaters do not emit light, but just infrared waves of warmth
  • Their tube heaters have low combustible clearances, as compared to overhead gas patio heaters with glowing ceramic tiles
  • Calcana outdoor heaters include an intensity control that allows you to dial in the comfort level from 50% to 100% 
  • Mount as low as 6'8" (bottom of heater). Most gas patio heaters need to be over 8'0".
  • Their heaters have a patented design
  • The Calcana High Output (HO) heater models are best for most outdoor applications
  • The Calcana standard models can heat large areas in indoor and semi-enclosed areas and can be fitted with exhaust ducting
  • All Calcana outdoor tube heaters are made in America
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