Quick Disconnect Gas Hose Only, 20 Feet

Quick Disconnect Gas Hose Only, 20 Feet
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20-foot long flexible gas hose ONLY with quick disconnect fitting on one end and 3/8" female flare on other end. This hose offers maximum flexibility for connecting your natural gas patio heater.

Quick-disconnect connector is not included.

Please note that gas pressure can drop enough over a twenty-foot length of 3/8" gas hose that it could affect the performance of your patio heater. Twelve feet is the recommended length. We suggest that you only purchase this twenty-foot gas hose if twelve feet simply is not long enough. While many customers have had good success with this hose, we will not be able to accept a return on a used gas hose. Possible issues are a) that it takes a long time to bleed the air out of the gas lines, b) that the heater is weak, c) that the heater will not stay lit.