Dual Simple Switch Wall Plate with Gang Box, Infratech, 14-4405

Dual On/Off Switches designed for use with all single element heaters.
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  • Low cost control option for all single element heaters.
  • Range 120/277 VAC (20 amps max per switch)
  • Ideal for controlling single element heaters such as the Infratech W-Series and Slimline Series. 
  • On/Off switch features in-wall or surface mount options, and is available with or without weatherproof covers. 

Infratech offers a variety of control options for maximum energy efficiency, control versatility, ease of use and affordability. Simply flip a switch with the On/Off Wall Plate Switch. Ideal for controlling single element heaters such as the W-Series and Slimline Series, this dual wall plate switch is a simple, low cost control option that boasts easy installation and use. Other Infratech control options include a duplex switch option for the dual element WD-Series and an input regulator for the single element W-Series and Slimline Series. Please note that a licensed electrician is required to verify voltage and available amperage of your heater and controls.