Alfresco Heating Heats Up Lagunitas Brewing Company with 24 Outdoor Heaters

Alfresco Heating Heats Up Lagunitas Brewing Company with 24 Outdoor Heaters

Posted by Alfresco Heating on Jun 27th 2023

The Alfresco Heating team recently completed a 24 gas-patio-heater installation for Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, California. This popular brewery selected Alfresco Heating to warm their newly remodeled back patio and live-music venue, while their customers quaff cold IPAs in all weather.

Alfresco installed the BistroSchwank 2152 Patio Heaters. This patio heater model is constructed of marine grade 316 stainless steel with a black powder coat and built to withstand the elements. With a 50,000 BTU input rating, this model was chosen for its effectiveness and coverage when installed at 10’ or higher above the patio.

Prior to the installation, the City of Petaluma inquired about the possibility of installing electric outdoor heaters (rather than gas). This was not possible, as the infrastructure for such a large electrical load was not available.

Lagunitas’ guests can now enjoy live music, lounge, dine, drink beer and guayusa tea in comfort and warmth well into the evenings, throughout summer and into fall and winter.

If you are considering adding patio heaters to your home or business, the experts at Alfresco Heating are happy to answer your questions about which ones are best for your space along with the ideal placements, with consideration to safety, effectiveness, and aesthetics. Call 888-Warm-Glo (888-927-6456) or email

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