Patio Heaters On Sale Now

Patio Heaters On Sale Now

Posted by Alfresco Heating on Apr 4th 2024

We are excited to offer our Spring Heating promotion for the entire month of April 2024. Take 10% off all:

Shop the best deals on outdoor heaters. Create an account or log in for unadvertised sale prices for all of your patio heating needs, with no coupon needed. Use our NOTAX coupon 365 days a year, on all purchases greater than $500.

Our outdoor heating experts at Alfresco Heating are available for patio heating advice. We can help you tell the best outdoor heaters from the worst, which patio heaters for sale are the best choices for your home or business, “how many patio heaters do I need,” and how to place patio heaters and furniture for the most effective infrared radiant outdoor heating.

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