Two Key Services that Set Alfresco Heating Apart from the Competition

Two Key Services that Set Alfresco Heating Apart from the Competition

Posted by Alfresco Heating on Jun 10th 2022

You come into a cold outdoor space and want to heat it quickly. Once the heaters warm up the furniture and patio or deck, the area will be more comfortable for you and your guests. Every outdoor heating installation is different and requires custom solutions. Permanent patio heating is a significant investment. Ensure warm and comfortable results by consulting with a specialist.

Alfresco Heating specializes in outdoor heating. They are happy to consult with you on every aspect of the customized selection, placement, and installation of new patio heaters for your restaurant, home; hotel or condo common area.

They will guide you on your choice of patio heaters and controls for your unique outdoor environment, and ensure that the placement of those heaters maximizes the heaters' infrared-radiant-heating effectiveness. Advice from Alfresco Heating is based on years of first-hand experience installing and repairing patio heaters. After your patio heaters are installed Alfresco Heating remains available for parts and support for the lifetime of your products.

"In my experience clients are happier with more heat than they need, even if in a smaller area than they had hoped to heat, than if they do not have a satisfying amount of heat, because they try to heat too large an area."

- Eric Kahn, Founder of Alfresco Heating

With that said, advice is optional. If you have already narrowed down your product needs and quantities, then the team at Alfresco Heating is also happy to simply provide you with competitive quotes, lead time information, patio heaters, and controls.

Two key services that Alfresco Heating offers:

  • Product Recommendations Based on Experience. Alfresco Heating's experts test and vet every product that they sell. They vouch for the strengths and weaknesses of the wide variety of outdoor heaters that they offer.
  • Comfortable and Effective Installation Design. Alfresco Heating collaborates with you to ensure that your investment in outdoor heating maximizes warm comfort, design aesthetics, and energy efficiency.

Take comfort in knowing these services are at the core of Alfresco Heating. Choosing the right patio heaters for your outdoor space is important for your comfort. Placement of those heaters is the key to achieving your best outcome. Discover how Alfresco Heating can best assist your patio-heater selection and placement, ensuring consistently good results.

1. Patio Heater Selection Assistance From Experts

Many retailers sell patio heaters. Alfresco Heating is one of the only companies that also installs and services quite a number of brands of natural gas, propane, and electric patio heaters and accessories; and they have been doing it since 2002. This knowledge provides them with a unique expertise that other sellers of patio heating products are not able to match. Manufacturers' literature often exaggerates the capabilities of their heaters, and that can lead to disappointment. Alfresco Heating vets the products they offer, so they can tell you the strengths and weaknesses, brand by brand and product by product, without the hype.

2. A Cozy, Warm Patio from an Optimal Installation Design

Once your outdoor heaters are selected, optimizing their placements is paramount. Alfresco Heating will create an efficient layout, by suggesting heater placements that are most effective for your seating arrangements, creating well-balanced warmth that is pleasant for all, while eliminating hot and cold spots, minimizing obstruction of views, and limiting heating of idle areas.

Different environments have different requirements:

Restaurants with outdoor seating need to consider their patio heater operating costs because they likely have several patio heaters, warming their customers, quite a few hours a day, many days of the year. Effective and safe placement of carefully chosen heaters is key to a cozy and profitable heated outdoor environment. Gas patio heaters, generally, cost less to operate than electric patio heaters.

Private homes are typically more concerned about aesthetics and getting the heaters up and out of the way, along with effectiveness. In most cases homeowners enjoy one of the seating areas on their heated patios for two to five hours per week, so fuel cost is less of an issue. Electric patio heaters, generally, are smaller, and are able to be mounted closer to surfaces, and even flush mounted (in level ceilings) so they can be inconspicuous.