Radiant tube patio heaters are a great way to get more bang for your buck when you have large areas to heat. They are available in lengths of up-to twenty feet. They emit no light, and their required combustible clearances are lower than any other type of gas patio heater. However they do make a little bit of fan and burner noise and they are quite large.

Tube outdoor heaters are suspended, like many other overhead patio heaters. The difference with tubes is that they have a burner at one end and a fan that forces the flame through a long tube with an exhaust at the other end. They are often referred to as low-intensity heaters because they have fewer BTUs per foot of length than other outdoor heating products. However, the newer high-output tube heaters compare well to rectangular heaters (which have glowing ceramic tiles) for intensity.

We are happy to provide and support Calcana, evenTUBE, and Schwank brands of tube patio heaters.

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