SunGlo 1027N Manual Gas Replacement Head with Emitter

For SunGlo manual gas patio heater models A242, A244MAN, and PSA265 only; NOT A270
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SunGlo Natural Gas Head with Emitter Grid

Item number: 1027N. Part Number: 10277-41

This is a manual head, which uses no outside source of electricity. 

If you have an older SunGlo patio heater needing service you may choose to replace the head rather than repairing it. This head come's with (the manufacturer) Infrared Dynamics' new-equipment warranty. 

This head is for model A242, A244MAN, and PSA265 and NOT FOR A270. The correct components for an A270 are a 10278-4 head without emitter, and an emitter grid
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