SunGlo PSA265VE Black Permanent Post Gas Patio Heater

93 tall, 34" reflector diameter, 50,000 BTU "
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SunGlo PSA-265-VE Gas Patio Heater

with Permanent Black Post, Switchable 24 Volt Operation, and 50,000 BTU per hour rating

Made in America by Infrared Dynamics SunGlo PSA265-VE permanent post heaters are designed for permanent, in-ground installations. They work well when centrally located, as they radiate heat in all directions. These heaters are generally spaced 8 to 15 feet apart, depending on local climate conditions. These 24-volt controlled heaters come with transformers and can be controlled by remote switches. This model has an electronic-ignition head (e-head). The main burner and the pilot will buzz and light when the remote switch, or timer, is turned on. 40 VA rated 24 VAC transformer included.