Infratech SL-1612 (21-4990) Silver Slimline Patio Heater

29½" long x 4¾" wide x 2¾" deep, 1600 watts
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Infratech Slimline SL1612SV Electric Patio Heater. 120 volts. 1600 watts. 13.33 amps. Silver anodized aluminum housing and narrow profile. T-slot mounting allows the included brackets to be mounted any distance apart (up to the length of the heater). Wall mount or ceiling mount. 29.5" long x 4¾" wide x 2¾" deep. Can be controlled by INF10 economy load control, on-off switch, or custom solid state controls. Slimline heaters virtually disappear into the surrounding décor, and are capable of withstanding years of outdoor use.

This Infratech SL-1612-SV 120 Volt patio heater can warm up a 2-top table at an optimal mounting height of 7 feet, outdoors. It is effective at heating a shed or a room, indoors. Other brands of 120 volt electric patio heaters we have seen make a funny Halloween orange color. The Infratech orange glow looks and feels similar to a cozy fire glow.

This Infratech heater can be controlled with an infinite control without breaking the bank. For further information on controls for this heater please go to our Infratech Controls section.

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