Infratech SL-4024 (21-5080) Silver Slimline Patio Heater

63½" long x 4¾" wide x 2¾" deep, 4000 watts
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Infratech SL4024 Silver Slimline Low Profile Patio Heater

Infratech Slimline outdoor patio heaters are constructed of anodized aluminum, narrow profile, and are suitable for commercial and residential applications. The SL4024SV has a silver housing with a stainless steel face. Slimline heaters virtually disappear into the surrounding décor, and are durable enough to weather years of outdoor use. They can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted.

Choose 240 volts for over 99% of all homes in the USA. Commercial operations choose the voltage you will use for the heaters.

This 4000 watt Infratech Slimline heater can be controlled with a high-amp timer or a simple switch economically. For further information on controls for this heater please go to our Infratech Controls section. High-End Electronic ControlsUniversal Control Panel, or Home Management Panel offer the maximum versatility. Please contact us at 888-927-6456 for further information.


The heater is 5'3½" long x 4¾" wide x 2¾" deep and is best suited for mounting at 8' to 9'.  It has T-Slot mounting that allows the included brackets to be mounted any distance apart (up to the length of the heater) so you can hit your studs or rafters, or hide the brackets behind the heater for a "floating" look.