SunPak S34-TSH, Black Two-Stage Hard-Wired Permanent Gas Patio Heater

34,000 / 25,000 BTU (Hi / Lo); 48 x 8" x 8""
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SunPak S34B-TSH, Stainless Steel Two-Stage Gas Patio Heater

34,000 BTU High, 25,000 BTU Low

The SunPak S34BTSH two-stage gas patio heater is hard-wired, black-painted steel, and is recommended for commercial restaurant environments, multi-heater applications, and can be installed on your home patio, too. Since it is hard wired there are no remotes to misplace and no remote signals to cross. 

A mounting kit is included.

A multi-mount transformer is included. We also offer a variety of different transformers with different ratings and dimensions. A minimum of 20VA of transformer rating is needed for each SunPak patio heater. 

A wall switch is included. (Scroll through photos to see.) We are happy to provide a standard white stack switch (no box) as well if you like. (At Alfresco Heating we generally use white stack switches when we install SunPak S34-TSH patio heaters.)

Add optional face trim kit (sometimes called fascia trim kit) available in stainless steel, bronze, grey, or black for a modern look.

Clearances are the same as an S34, so if in a covered area a 10' or greater height ceiling (or trellis) is needed (unless ceiling is not flammable). The SunPak S34TSR also may be mounted uncovered and fully exposed to the elements.

SunPak patio heaters are made in USA