SunPak S25 Black Overhead Gas Patio Heater

25,000 BTU, 48 x8" x 8" "
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SunPak S25 Gas Patio Heater, Black, Wall or Ceiling Mount


This 25,000 BTU wall-mounted patio heater manufactured by Infrared Dynamics includes mounting kit & transformer, and can also be ceiling mounted. SunPak is the most popular wall/ceiling mount gas outdoor patio heater on the market, and they are made right here in California, USA. This is the classic low-clearance overhead gas patio heater. We like the SunPak S25 patio heater in applications where the bottom of the heater will be between 7½' and 8½' high. If you are mounting the S25 under a flammable ceiling then the ceiling will need to be at least 9' high to even consider mounting a SunPak 25,000 BTU patio heater, and at least 9½' high to mount the heater tilted at an angle. If you do not have those minimum clearances then consider purchasing and installing electric heaters. In new installations you will need a transformer to reduce the voltage to the heater to 24 volts. We offer a variety of transformers with different ratings and dimensions.

A mounting kit is included.

A 24 volt transformer is included. We also offer a variety of different transformers with different ratings and dimensions. 

Add optional face trim kit (sometimes called fascia trim kit) available in stainless steel or black for a modern look.

Also called sunpack overhead heater.