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39" x 8¼" x 2½", 2500 Watt, 240 Volts Patio Heater
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Infratech C-2524-BL3 Mediterranean Motif Single Element 39" Black Patio Heater, 2500 Watts, 240 Volts

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Introducing Infratech's Contemporary Design Series designed to maximize comfort & design in high visibility spaces. This Single Element, 2500 Watt, 39" x 8" x 2½" overhead electric patio heater fits well in small spaces and heats well at 7 to 8 feet high. 240 volts.

The new C-Series heaters feature floating mounts with inset mounting brackets for a sleeker look & optimal heat. The heater is only 3' 3" long, and is effective when mounted from 8 to 10 feet.

Mediterranean Motif:  Spanish-style flourishes and Moorish-influenced patterns characterize our Mediterranean-inspired decorative covers. This set of designs offers an appealing visual accent for Spanish-style, Tuscan or Mission Revival properties. (CD-4024BL3)


This Infratech heater can be controlled with a high-amp timer or an infinite control economically. For further information on controls for this heater please go to our Infratech Controls section. High-End Electronic ControlsUniversal Control Panel, or Home Management Panel offer the maximum versatility. Please contact us at 888-927-6456 for further information.

The Infratech 6" x 6" stock brackets provide the required 6" top clearance from combustibles (above) when the heater is pointed straight down from the ceiling. However, when the heater is tilted the clearance is reduced by 2" to 3". Choose from the optional 9" and 12" long custom brackets to provide the specified clearance for Infratech heaters that are tilted.

When Infratech's 6" x 6" patio heater mounting brackets are too wide for your mounting surface, choose the 3½" x 9" (for 4x lumber) or 1½" x 6" (for 2x lumber) optional stainless steel brackets.